Thursday, September 10, 2020

Seven Years Later...

So, we're in the middle of a pandemic, financial turmoil, and civil unrest.

Tomorrow will mark the seventh anniversary of my last post on this blog, and I felt like giving a brief update for anyone who stumbles around here and wonders "Whatever happened to that guy?" 

- Things that didn't change

Seven years later, the podcast is still going strong. We've recorded nearly 350 shows, each about ninety minutes long, talking about pop culture nostalgia, our own lives, music, movies, games, and television. Turns out the concept had legs. I'm still happily married, still playing a lot (maybe too many) PC games, mostly on Steam. Most of my interests are as they were, and I still spend a lot of time doing exactly what I'd like to.

- Things that changed quite a bit

Since I last posted, I bought a house in the Chicago suburbs, got two dogs and a bird, and went back to school, first earning one undergraduate degree and fixing my decades old poor GPA. (Graduated with a 4.0! Score!) Now, I'm enrolled at the Penn State World Campus pursuing an economics degree, as my wife, who also had no degree of any kind when I posted last, moves on from her Bachelor's to her Masters. Since becoming a guy who is one kid short of being an average suburban Grill Dad, I got really into grilling and smoking meat, and craft beer (as you do.) I rarely, if ever, stream my gameplay on Twitch or YouTube anymore. 

Their names are Chewie and Leia.
Dog tax. I know the rules. Mention a dog, show a dog.

- The more things change, the more they stay the same

I'm back in the same field that I originally was let go from all those years ago when I first started this blog, only now I'm on salary, and for the moment, like may other people, I'm working remotely. I'm still losing weight, then occasionally finding it, and I still lift weights, only now, I have a squat rack (power cage, to be more precise,) a bench, and an Olympic set of bumper plates and bar in my garage. I still play a reasonable amount of tabletop roleplaying games, though long before COVID-19, I started moving my games to a Virtual Tabletop (Roll20,) in order to accommodate the difficulty in scheduling a weekly event with four other adults, even if I happen to be married to one of them.

So... Will there be more updates in this space? Honestly, I'm not sure. I created this page when I was in a very different place in my life, but if I feel the need to get something out, or just want to get back into the habit of writing periodically on a schedule again, maybe. The likelihood of that happening might just be increased by knowing that someone is reading, so if you'd like more... let me know.

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Doug1943 said...

Interesting ... I last posted on my own blog ten years ago .. I think I'll follow your example, and update it, just in case anyone drops in on it and says to himself, 'I wonder whatever happened to that guy? I'll bet he's dead'

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