Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bonus Post Wednesday: Many thanks, The Liebster Award, and post #50!

This is the 50th post since I started this blog eight weeks ago tomorrow, and I wanted to thank the people who have followed me and helped this site grow fairly rapidly in a short time.  I wouldn't want a post of this nature to replace the normal weekday article, so I'll be back with normal geeky stuff tomorrow afternoon!

First up, I want to thank G over at Bar Science for being the first blogger to ever feature this site in a post, which made me feel good and helped some people find the blog.  Many thanks also to PekkaK from Finland, home of Poets of the Fall (one of my favorite bands), very nice people, and the blog God I Hate My Job for additional exposure just today.

Many thanks to Bard at The Clash of Spear on Shield for this blog's first award, The Liebster Blog Award.  Like many other blogging awards, this one asks you to "pay it forward" by passing it on in turn to deserving blogs, particularly 3-5 blogs with less than 300 followers.

This Award will be displayed from here on out on the right side of this page, barring a site redesign.


In the spirit of the award, I'd like to honor the following 3 blogs and present them with the Liebster Award:

  • This blog is pure madness. Kelly has a unique perspective, strong opinions, and he isn't afraid to share them. He also regularly connects with his audience (better than I connect with mine) by directly responding to nearly every comment left on every post. Always entertaining.
  • This is a movie review blog with a truly obscene number of updates which has been criminally overlooked. I'm biased, as I've known Joel for years, he's done a guest post here (and I've returned the favor) and back in college, we were mistaken for each other frequently. (A few weeks back, Kelly continued this tradition by calling me Joel in the comments!)
  • I love RPGs. I could make every other blog post bounce between tabletop RPGs and video games, except I promised myself that I wouldn't, and there are plenty of RPG bloggers out there who write regularly about the subject, and better than I ever could. Paul at The Hopeless Gamer is one of these. His site design is also spectacular.

Congratulations on the well-deserved awards, Kelly, Joel and Paul!

Two months, 50 posts, almost 70 subscribers and nearly 4000 pageviews. I can't wait to see what the coming months and years will bring, and would like to thank anyone who reads these pages for making it easier to come back and write every weekday.

P.S. - Special thanks to Maui for his promotion of this blog online and the first ever “live shout out” for What's Next – The Unemployed Geek, at a karaoke event.

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Jay said...

hey congrats!!! here's to the next fifty posts!

The Awesome Alien said...

cool congrats on the achievement lets keepm coming

Elliot MacLeod-Michael said...

congrats, nice blog you have here.

The Angry Lurker said...

Congratulations, it's a good blog.

Patti D. said...

Congratulations, keep up the good work!!

Kelly said...

Hey there, congrats on the award. You truly deserve it with your excellent writing and choices of subject matter. You're very creative, man, sincerely.

It makes ya feel good with being shown some appreciation with getting blog awards every so often. Super cool that you've hit your 50th post mark. Dude, I wanna thank ya mucho extremo for passing me the blog award and saying all of those kind and accurate words. My awesome modesty forbids me (shy and humble me) from saying just how magnificent I am, myself. Oops. I think I just did. Anyway, man.... When I do a post on this Liebster Blog Award- either tonight or tomorrow, I'll be sure to put up your link and say some nice stuff about ya... if ya don't mind. :) Take care, Doc.

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