Friday, March 4, 2011

A Ship In Search of a Rudder

One of the reasons I started this project was to document my search for a new direction. I've become increasingly disillusioned with what most people have resigned themselves to accept as "things the way they are." Getting up and going through a pointless routine 5 days a week to make someone else a pile of money, and the bulk of your day is spent (even if you have a necessary and fulfilling job) doing small tasks that are completely meaningless, aside from the fact that if they are not accomplished, you cannot prove that you have done your job.

I know. That's the way the system works. (If it works.) The idea is, you participate in society, follow its rules and jump through its hoops and are rewarded with a stable place in that society. Thing is, as jobs get outsourced or digitized, that "stable place"... isn't.

I'm not saying that I'm going to subscribe to the unrealistic notion of "breaking the chains of wage slavery" or anything like it. Maybe I just need my next career to be interesting enough that I don't think about it so much.

I tried performing, both in garage bands and (as mentioned in earlier posts) as an actor and comedian. To be brutally honest with myself though, I probably enjoyed more success than my level of effort warranted, and stopped trying when any notions of a career weren't moving as fast as I'd hoped. I guess maybe it is time to give it another shot, not looking for fame and fortune, but just hoping to become a working actor.

That dream, of actually making a living as a performer, sounds like something different from the daily grind. I've contemplated other careers, but escaping that feeling of "I do this because if I stop, my family suffers, even though I've grown to resent it," is vital.

Maybe a few auditions here and there while looking for whatever else there might be out there that fits the bill.
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Noock said...

It's bit scary for me to think that most of moderns world works are just about like you described and I think it's pretty much the truth.
Sad really though, people often choose boring job because of money (that in the end won't bring you true happines), over the own interests (you really enjoy going work) as work is still big part of life.

But I wish you best of luck for the acting (or some) career!

thatguy said...

I wish you luck! I hope you find some career that you find fulfilling. Money really is no replacement for happiness. =/

Matt said...

Hey, now is the time to try what you've always wanted to do. Who knows, you could make it big! Good luck to you!

Chris said...

Hey big guy, dont give up hope. We are all put here on earth for a purpose. Keep your chin up, and I wish you luck in the next path that you are taking.

G said...

good luck bro - following

Jessica Thompson said...

Nice post! Followed!

Jung said...

Acting is awesome, something I dream about. Go for it.

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