Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Quick One. Taking on Writer's Block.

It has been two months since my last post. This bugs me way more than it does anyone still reading or checking for updates. I've got a ton of decent reasons and bad excuses, but the biggest factor is that I've been struggling with completing articles in my usual format. I have 3-4 posts 75% done that I just hit a wall on. The one and a half page with 3-4 images and 5-9 link articles were draining me, and I came to a point of total creative burnout. Had trouble writing anything, designing anything, etc... if it wasn't for weight training and a TON of awesome video game releases, I'd have been just pretty much sitting here staring at a computer screen and occasionally sleeping. However, there are new games, fantasy novels, TV shows and other geeky things that I think I need to write again.  Maybe to bust that creative block, what I need to do is play with the format a little bit, try some shorter, punchy articles. See if people like the shorter format and if the pressure to write hundreds of words several times a week doesn't get to me.

For a preview of what I'll be talking about first, in a 2-part series, I refer you to the following image.

Not Enough Time Units Remaining!

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Jay said...

don't over think it; a 200 word article is more than enough. ;)

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