Friday, September 30, 2011

Tomorrow, I Test. Tonight, I study.

I had a whole post ready to go, formatted and with pictures and links, etc. (If you happened to check the site in the right 10-minute window, you may even have seen it.) Unfortunately, in that post I made an announcement that I can't safely talk about in this space just yet. I hate being vague and cryptic, and hate even more having to substitute a paragraph and a picture for an actual article today, but I really cannot make the time to write another one tonight, so I felt this deserved an explanation.  I anticipate that I'll repost today's scheduled article in a few days or weeks time, edited for context once I've been cleared to make announcements.  I'm not in any legal trouble, not in any medical danger and much as I would wish it, I didn't sign a book or other media deal.  I am also probably not dating a celebrity, as my wife won't let me.  I'll be back to normal posting Monday, presuming I survive the test.

The moon is also probably not crashing into my house tomorrow, I'm just
taking a very important test.
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Jay said...

good luck to whatever i don't understand.

Bard said...

Best of luck!

neatfit said...

Oh those wives! Not letting us date famous people.

Sarah said...

It's ok. He won't let me date Joe Manganiello, so we're even.

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