Wednesday, June 29, 2011

She Said: Origins 2011 Part 3 - The 'Meh...'

The "Meh.."
As the attendance for the convention seemed down, so did the number of brave ladies and gents that decided to go around in jedi robes, steampunk finery, and Renaissance velvets. There were still a few I managed to find, but very little. Above and below are a few of my own pictures.

The Arcanis Soft Point
One of Arcanis' most prolific authors, Scott Charlton, has been with the gaming community for eons. He wrote Carnival of Swords, In the Shadow of the Devil, and The Bloody Sands of Sicaris. He also enjoys writing fiction based on the intricate stories already woven by the industrious Henry Lopez. His latest creation, Kiss of the Beautiful Devil, was one of the modules played at Origins this year. It's also, in my opinion as a player, his worst. I'll not give away spoilers, but it will require heavy editing and lots of feedback. I also do not mean to discourage or deride Mr. Charlton's abilities. He can weave a tale like a spider weaves a web. But, sometimes a web can be so full of various sticky threads that even players are caught as flies, with no way out. In fact, I encourage you, if you have played it, to send feedback to Kitty Curtis ( We love feedback, whether it is good or bad, just so long as it's also constructive.

The Origins Swag Bag
Origins veterans likely know what the Origins Swag Bag is. It's a medium-sized plastic bag that acts as kind of a Christmas stocking for us gamers. It has all sorts of coupons for booths in the Exhibit Hall, cards for newly developed games, keychains emblazed with the names of various gaming companies, and the coveted "Origins (Insert Year Here) d6 Die". This year, though, was filled merely with advertisements, a small Pog-like token (you guys remember Pogs?) that I have no idea of its purpose, and a keychain/beer bottle opener.
It did have the Origins d6 Die and a page of coupons to the food court. The staff at said food court, however, was seen being derisive at the coupons to the customers there, to the point one customer in front of me decided it wasn't worth it and kept the coupons in his pocket, unused. Bad food court. No cookie!

Guess Who's Coming to Democratic Dinner?
This might also fall in 'The Funny' category too, but I more shook my head than laughed at this particular scenario. Imagine, if you will, a bunch of gamers, dressed in steampunk costume, carrying various weaponry with them as either part of their costume or new purchases from the Exhibit Hall. Now imagine the look on a Secret Service agent's face, one who's job it is to protect Vice President Joe Biden, when said group of gamers passes him.

Probably not plotting anything concerning the Democratic Party.
(Doc is pictured in mid-game, 2nd from left.)

Columbus Convention Center. A word of advice. Do not schedule a Democratic Party dinner at the same time as a gaming convention, where all of us weirdos are gonna be high on Mtn. Dew while carrying swords and crossbows. It's bad form.

Tomorrow: Last in this series (Origins: The Funny and Interviews), and then the reins of the blog will be back in the hands of DocStout!
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RedHeadRob said...

pretty sweet costumes :D


costumes are nice

braumaman said...

Great costumes. Very authentic.

Alpha said...

Cower, Biden.

The Angry Lurker said...

Would love to have seen the Secret Service agents face, good one.

Patti D. said...

hahaha, very funny advice!!

You can visit my NEW blog here.

The Happy Whisk said...

Good to see people dressing up and having fun.

Zombie Ad said...

Dressing up rocks! Paltry swag bags don't.

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