Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I'm not here, I'm in Kirkwall

Really short article today for Fat Tuesday. Today is not only a day to pig out, eating desserts and other fatty foods (because even if you don't celebrate or believe in Lent, who doesn't like dessert?) Today is also the call to power. That's right, Dragon Age 2.

Installing this now, and from the demo... Varric is already The Man.

I've been a Bioware fan since the original Baldur's Gate, and have owned almost every game they've published since (and beaten most of them.) The focus on strong narratives, and getting something out of talking with the characters in your party and addressing their needs, learning their pasts, or just not angering them so much they attack you or leave...

Now Minsc Leads! Swords for Everyone!

I think the storytelling and art direction started strong and just got better and better. I'll likely do a few more DA2 articles in the next few days, so I'll get back to more stories of unemployed life and other geek culture (movies, music, TV and comics) articles once I've gotten this out of my system. I can even use Dragon Age to talk about a few of those divisive issues I touched on yesterday, in particular DRM and DLC in games.

Should be fun.

So enjoy your Mardi Gras week, get plenty fat on desserts, (I know I will) and here's a picture of a traditional food eaten this week, the Paczki. (I'm Irish, but I grew up in and currently live in a half hispanic, half polish area.)

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Chris said...

Being an Irish, have you been to Ireland?

Matt said...

Go Mardi Gras! I really liked Baldur's Gate, so I can't wait to see more DA2!

thatguy said...

I'm not really particularly stoked about DA2's release because I haven't beaten the first, yet. haha.
Also, those Packzi look delicious!

Tony Storm said...

DA2 is going to be awesome

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