Monday, March 7, 2011

Geek Wars - Our Own Culture Clash

In the geek subculture, there are a few things most of us can agree on.

Han shot first.

Bacon should have its own food group.

There Should Have Been Only One.

It is easier to enjoy Highlander and The Matrix if you insist there were never sequels.

And most of us really, really like The Goddamn Batman, and feel kinda icky about furries.

What about more controversial geek topics? Star Wars, or Star Trek? Consoles or computer gaming? Marvel or DC comics? Piracy: scourge of the struggling game content creator, or customer's (semi)legitimate protest over hyperinflated game prices and substandard content?

Pages and pages of geeks flaming each other have been written in internet forums, blogs, anywhere someone can make their opinions known. Geeks identify themselves by their feelings on these topics, and I think it is almost more about what they dislike, then defending or expressing support for their favorites. Namecalling, insults, and the inevitable decline from "civil discourse" to "invocation of Godwin's Law," it all happens too fast, and in the name of what someone does or does not find entertaining.

In the 1994 movie Witch Hunt, there's a quote that I think sums it up, "Let me tell you about the people... put ten of them in a room, and they may not elect a leader, but I guarantee they'll pick someone to hate." As intelligent men and women, we should be able to rise above needing to despise others for different opinions. We laugh at hardcore sports fans for getting angry at each other over which burly guys wearing what colors the other guy cheers for, but are we really above it all? Hell, in some ways, we're worse.

I'm going to do my part to accept other geeks, even if they don't like what I do.

Except furries. They still creep me out.

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Chris said...

USA should learn to embrace, celebrate and honor geeks and academic achievements more instead of sporting achievements.

Meghan Moran said...

haha I agree, gotta let the similarities bring us together and not let our differences tear us apart.

thatguy said...

Hahaha great clincher.
Furries are creepy as hell. There was one super furry dude in my creative writing class senior year of high school.
It was a special hell to have to hear "The scaly dragon touched my dainty waist" coming from a creepy dude. >.>

Jung said...

Furries are furries but Robin Hood was the best movie.

Dootzkie said...

Don't compare Disney to furries!

For that blasphemy I shall inform you that they are making Matrix 4!



DocStout said...

Yes, Yes... I know furries and Disney movies aren't the same thing. But using the last image allowed me to not have to look at any actual pics of furries, plus I thought it was a hilariously creepy expression on Maid Marian's face.

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