Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Wednesday post going up way earlier than normal.

I've come to terms with things as they are, enjoying myself when appropriate, investigating new potential career options (more on those another day,) and taking care of the paperwork that comes with being out of work.

I still have those moments, when no "fun" activity engaged me, and no "work" activity inspires me, and all I want to do is to lie in bed, wrapped up in a warm blanket... pull it over my head and pretend the outside world doesn't exist.

I remember the Sublime song "Burritos" that pretty much took the surf/punk riff and over and over Bradley talked about how he didn't wanna do anything, insisting "I ain't gettin outta bed today..." I've tried it. Couldn't do it. Had to get up, do some dishes, write a little bit and then I was able to reward myself with a little more gaming time.

When you're working, it always sounds like it would be awesome if you could spend all your time on your favorite leisure pursuits, the games, hobbies and entertainment. For a little while, it is awesome. After some time though, the desire to produce something takes over, and the leisure time activities don't seem so much fun anymore. Boredom and ennui can set in, and the only cure is to do something that you can look back and say, "I got that done today, now I can relax a bit."

It is a huge cliché, but I'm coming to believe that you really do have to keep busy.

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Noock said...

Hmm I got samekind of days sometimes, just gotta keep the head up.Oh and sublime is great :p burrito is really good, garden grove is one my fav

Justin said...

As a fellow unemployed, I've had those days..just wanting to stay in bed all day, unable to find an activity to pick myself up. You just have to find the encouragement in yourself and make it work. Good post. Also, Sublime is great.

Matt said...

Hey man, hang in there! I agree with you on staying busy; otherwise, you'll drive yourself crazy! I like the blog, keep it up!

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